About Us


What is our Purpose?

Truth is what drives us. The truth about alternatives to pharmaceuticals and natural preventive solutions for maintaining your health. Ultimately the individual must decide what they believe is best. Our purpose is to provide information on strategies that don't put profit before people. As an example, Cancer is a big business. You can argue the validity of Chemotherapy and Radiation, of course, however the profit component can lead to over prescribing this strategy without considering any natural alternatives/enhancements until it is to late. We advocate for ALL options to be available for consideration. We seek to fill that information gap between doctors lack of knowledge and/or motivation and what is actually working for people(testimonials), or currently being studied around the world.

Who is MFTP?

You and others like you make us possible. People, who care enough to donate or volunteer, is who we are. Grade school friends, Bryan and Adam, make up the core of Medicine for the People.

Adam pic

Adam Dekavallas


"Over the last 15 years, I have been blessed to be in business in my community. Medicine for the People is one way I can give back to the people who make that happen everyday. I'm passionate about helping people get all the information available to them to make an informed choice in overcoming ailments and their overall general well being."


Bryan Wilbourn


Bryan received Bachelor's of Science degrees in Operations Management and Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. He brings 15+ years of medical industry experience to the table, working closely with physicians and their practices to implement solutions that help improve productivity and, most importantly, patient care.  Bryan has recently found a new passion in the emerging Alternative Medicine industry. He recognizes the need for natural, more effective alternatives to "Western Medicine" and "Big Pharma." He feels strongly that people should have more accurate information about the healing properties of natural alternatives. Education is key.