The Medical Industrial Complex, while providing valuable services, is also failing to to uphold the hippocratic oath of "Do no harm". They are over-prescribing pharmaceuticals, while turning a blind eye to viable alternatives backed by peer review studies and citizen scientist testimonials.

The People look to these medical professionals for guidance in maintaining general health, as well as dealing with ailments, large and small. However, these professionals lack the knowledge and/or motivation to be such a guide.

This makes validating information for The People, such as proper nutrition, difficult to say the least. If your doctor doesn't talk about food as a preventive medicine and potential treatment option, then why would the average person consider food in this regard?

A good example of food as medicine is caloric intake. Obesity, Diabetes, and more could be considered symptoms of a "food overdose". Another is Vitamin C. Recent studies show that a Vitamin C IV drip can kill cancer cells.

We believe someone needs to advocate for the consideration of this information. Medicine for the People collects, disseminates, and advocates for The People to make an informed decision on ALL the choices they have when it comes to their health.

Adam Dekavallas


Co-Founders/Medicine for the People


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The amount of information available to The People today is truly a marvel in human achievement. Along with this new ability comes the task of shifting through the noise and finding the truth. In this case, the truth about what alternatives to pharmaceuticals are not only working for people but being studied and reported on by the global scientific community.

We aim to educate The People on these alternatives. As always, it falls on the individual to make the best medical decisions based on any information, be it from a Doctor, or their own research. MFTP will never recommend specific treatments or strategies as we are not medical professionals. We provide information and advocate for ALL options to be on table for The People's consideration.


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There are a number of ways you can help to advocate and educate. One way is to donate, but for those who prefer a more hands-on approach, you can partner with us and help spread the word. Chances are, you, or someone you care about, could benefit from information on nutrition and alternative treatments. Educating yourself and others is free and can make a world of difference. Do your own research, check out our resources, and even give us a shout. We love to talk with passionate, enlightened people who share our vision of helping The People know ALL the options when considering their health.


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